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Crispy Dosa By Robert Wintle

Updated: Jan 14, 2022


2 cups rice (Dont use basmati rice or long grain use supermarket own brand rice)

¼ Cup Urad dal (use same cup used to measure rice)

1 Tbsp Channa dal

½ tsp methi seeds

2 table spoon cooked rice. Stale rice is preferred, as it helps with fermentation.

Soak all ingredients overnight.

Salt to taste to be added on day you're making Dosa.


Grind all ingredients and place in vessel. Grind batter similar to cake mix consistancy.

Mix well and store it in warm place overnight. We pre heat oven for a minute and switch it off and store batter in oven.

When you're making the dosa, make sure to mix the batter well, add bit of water if its too thick and don't forget to add salt before making your dosa.

Cast iron or non stick pan are recommended for a crispy dosa.

Make sure you're cleaning your pan after each dosa or it will not adhere to the pan.

Below YouTube link is a guide to making dosa.


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