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Hi, my name is Shai, I am wife to Yusaf and mummy to our daughter Tamara. I am the founding member of The Curry Club - home cooking facebook group.


As a child my mother always made delicious home cooked meals such as chicken curry and rice, biryanis, lamb curries, samosas, pakoras, kebabs and vegetables dishes. She is truly an amazing self-taught cook and I was truly spoilt.
It was later in life, after I completed university and decided to settle down, got married, I realised how lucky I was growing up on these dishes. I missed home cooked meals terribly. My family live 2.5 hours away! 

One day I decided to cook more frequently so that I could cook better curries. Then I started making curries and taking them to work to share with my close colleagues. It was when they said they wished they could make curries like these that got me thinking. 

I had the benefit of my background and indian and pakistani food history but what about all those people who love this cuisine but are new to cooking curries. That’s when I thought to create a curry club home cooking group where people can join me on this delightful culinary journey and learn to cook beautiful traditional curries at home. I thought why not share the love for curries after all sharing is caring.

I created this group because of my immense love and passion for cooking curries and spices. I find that cooking relaxes me, it is creative and therapeutic. I love the magic of the spices sizzling away, I love the smell of fresh onion, ginger and garlic frying away. I love recipes. I love being able to present hearty, comforting, home cooked meals so that we can all sit down together as a family and enjoy a blessed meal catching up on the day’s events, smiling, happy and content.  Most of all I love that most of these meals hardly cost anything to put together and are easy on the purse strings. 

I absolutely adore all kinds of curries from lamb, chicken, and veg. I enjoy the different cultural backgrounds, traditions, and history behind meals, and I love how the love of food brings everyone together. 

As the group grew, I realised I needed support to be able to continue to share the love and so I introduced my husband to the Facebook group. He has been in the Indian takeaway industry for over 20 years, he really enjoyed interacting with our followers, sharing cooking tips, ideas, recipes, that he stayed! After this we introduced our fellow admins and moderators who shared the same passion, volunteering their time, warm personalities, and expertise to create a loving nurturing environment for our curry family and as they say the rest is history! 

I will end with a quote I like “The wonderful thing about sharing recipes - the more good recipes we share, the better we all get to eat.”

I do hope you enjoy this site in addition to our Facebook group and Instagram page. Come join our curry family ❤️

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