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Midweek Curry.Chicken And Keema TCCHC Edition By Carlos Pepe

Midweek Curry, Keema and Chicken. (The Curry Club Home Cooking Edition)

My recipe for midweek curry was well received and it was very pleasing to see how many people tried the recipe and liked it. I was a bit overwhelmed by the response and thanks to everyone for the feedback I received. I made this recipe midweek too, as I wanted something comforting and simple to make. I was going to make a mince curry, as growing up that was my comfort food. Like always my brain goes into mix mode, think of the lottery machine and the varied numbers, when I shop. So I though why not resurrect a mixed curry I have done before, but this time I will use chicken and chicken mince, it cooks quicker and it is midweek.


500g Chicken Mince

700g Chicken fillets of Breast in small pieces (can use boneless thigh pieces, will take a little longer to cook)

Two small red Spanish peppers

Two small green Spanish peppers

Two brown onions

One red onion

Four green chillies

One tin of 400g chopped tomatoes

100g Coconut block

Two tablespoons of garlic paste

Two level tablespoons of TCCHC Basaar spice powder

One level tablespoon of TCCHC Coriander powder

One teaspoon of TCCHC Kashmiri Chilli Powder

Half teaspoon of TCCHC Garam Masala

Half a teaspoon of Turmeric powder

One teaspoon of Salt or to taste

Teaspoon of Methi leaves

For to six tablespoons of veg oil

Small handful of chopped fresh coriander leaves

Half a kettle of pre boiled water


Cut the chicken into small tikka size pieces

Wash and cut the papers into small pieces, slices

Chop the brown onions finely

Chop the red onion into small slices, similar to the peppers

Finely slice the green chillies

Boil a kettle of water ready

Have your spices ready

Chop the coriander

Break the coconut into smaller pieces, don’t worry about size as it will melt to make a smooth sauce.


Heat the oil and fry the brown onions, I leave the lid on initially, to speed up the process add a large dash of water, stir and place lid on, checking that the onions do not stick. I did this three times until the onions were golden brown and opaque. The darker the onions, the darker the final curry colour. This process took about fifteen to twenty minutes

Add the garlic, cook out and add all the spices and chopped chillies, with the exception of methi leaves. Stir quickly and add a dash of water cook on a low heat with lid on, you can add a dash of oil if it mixture drys out. You will notice the oil separate a little.

Next add the chopped tomatoes, stir in and gently cook out, with lid on. This will take ten to fifteen minutes, you want a thick marmalade consistency. One again the oil will separate. Stir in your chicken mince and cook out until fully cooked and separate pieces on mince, oil will have separated and moisture form meat cooked out.

Stir in the chicken pieces and cook on low heat, the chicken will release its own juices. You can encourage this by adding a splash of water. Leave the lid on, checking and storing occasionally. You will have a fairly dry curry. Add the coconut block and allow to cook out.

Add the chopped peppers and red onion, stir in well and add a splash of water. Leave lid on, ten minutes or so until the peppers have softened to your liking.

You can add more water and oil to get the consistency that your prefer.

The methi leaves go in now, stir and add the chopped coriander. Take off heat and enjoy. I tend to leave for a little while. Please note if you leave the lid on then there will be a lot of moisture and condensation, so what I do is leave the lid on partially. Hope you enjoy the curry.


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