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Walthamstow Chicken Curry By Carlos Pepe


Half a kilo of Chicken Breast, cut into bite size pieces

Four medium sized potatoes, peeled and halved, quartered. I used Maris piper potatoes.

6 tablespoons of vegetable oil

Two small onions finely chopped

Two green chillies, finely sliced

One small Spanish bell pepper, cut out the pith and seeds, slice into small triangular shapes One tablespoon of chopped green coriander stalks.

On tin of 400g shopped tomatoes

One tablespoon of garlic paste

One tablespoon of ginger paste

One tablespoon of ground coriander powder

One tablespoon of ground cumin powder

One teaspoon of salt

Half teaspoon of finely ground black pepper

On teaspoon of Kashmiri chilli powder

Half a teaspoon of turmeric powder

Half teaspoon of garam masala powder

One table spoon of dried methi leaves

Small handful of chopped fresh coriander leaves

Two table spoons of olive oil

Have a a kettle of boiled water ready.

To cook I used a nonstick wok, with a lid. You can use any pot, as long as it has a lid, you will just need to check more often to stop the curry from burning, by stirring.


Fry the chopped onion in the veg oil, on medium heat, with lid on. I speed the method up by adding about 100ml of water, cook out until oil separates. I did this twice, until the onions are softened, golden and opaque. The darker the cooked onions, the darker the finished curry.

Add garlic and ginger paste with the chopped chillies and coriander stalks, stir and cook for a few minutes.

Add all the salt, spices with the exception of garam masala and methi leaves.

Add a little water stir in, to stop spices from burning, and add the tinned tomatoes. Cover and cook on a gentle heat, with lid on. You want the water from the tomatoes to be cooked out and the tomatoes to be broken down into a mushy, marmalade texture. Stir every so often, add a little water if needed and cookout to the desired consistency. You will notice the oil separates from tomato and spice mixture.

Add the chopped chicken and bell pepper, to coat and start to colour the chicken. Let this cook for about ten minutes, and add the chopped potatoes. Stir in , cover for five minutes to let the posts absorb some oil and spices. Add about 150 to 200ml of boiled water and gently cook out with lid on, stirring occasionally. This will further help the spices to blend and amalgamate int the sauce.

Once the potatoes are softened to your liking and curry the desired consistency, add olive oil and cook out for five minutes. This will help further cook out spices, frying them with the chicken and potatoes.

Add dried methi leaves and coriander, stir in. Sprinkle on garam masala, putt the lid on and turn off heat. Leave to rest for at least ten minutes. The garam masala will cook in residual heat and release the aromatic aromas.

Stir well, before serving. Happy cooking.


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