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Cauliflower And Tomato By Jane Canty

Cauliflower And Tomato

Recipe for 2 people, so adjust quantities to suit

4 lge cauliflower florets, boil untill softened

Add half TSp tumeric, stir well, remove from water.

Heat 2 TBs olive oil,

Add, quarter Tsp Nigella seeds Fennel seeds Cumin seeds Mustard seeds Pinch chilli flakes, 1 cardomon pod, let sizzle

Add very finely chopped half red onion, turn heat down, cook for 2 mins.

Add the cauliflower, add 2 chopped tomatoes ( good quality plum,,,) 1 more TBsp olive oil, 1TBsp lime juice, cook very slowly untill tomatoes are done. Delish, hope you enjoy


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