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Butterbean Curry By Tracey Ramseebaluck


1Tin of Butterbeans

quarter tsp fenugreek seeds

1tbsp curry powder

1tsp garam masala

1tsp turmeric

1tsp coriander powder

1tsp cumin powder

9or10 curry leaves

1tbsp fresh thyme leaves

1tbsp grated ginger

1tbsp crushed garlic

1 onion chopped

2 tomatoes chopped

2or3 green chillies chopped

chopped coriander leaves

salt to taste

2tbsp oil


Heat oil on medium heat,then add onions,fry till golden then add ginger and garlic fry till rawness gone,then add Curry leaves and fenugreek seeds followed by all the spices,let the spices cook for couple of mins,stirring can add a splash of water to stop sticking,then add chopped tomatoes and cook till they start to break down,add the green chillies stir and leave to cook for few mins,then add tin of butterbeans and the liquid from can,stir cover pan lower heat and simmer for 10 to 15 mins,add salt to taste you can add more water if you want more sauce,garnish with coriander.


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