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Weekend Royale Chicken Korma By Carlos Pepe

Weekend Royale Chicken Korma

I recently wrote a recipe for the The Curry Club Home Cooking Club. I called it my midweek curry and it proved such a success, that at the last count 4,459 people had had a look at this recipe and many people have cooked this. I find this pleasing as our club is like family and to see so many of our members make this curry and ask about tips and hints, some have adapted little bits. I always say that a recipe is a guide, as heat of cooker hobs, pans and at the variety of spices and companies will vary. I was impressed that so many people are getting this recipe, as intended and I often get messages asking for advice.

The other recipes I have posted have been tried, but the success of this recipe and response has been amazing, so I though I better write another recipe, so as not to become a one hit wonder. This will be my weekend curry, as it's luxurious and indulgent, yet simple and the hardest work is the preparation.

Ingredients and method for prep


1.5 kg Boneless chicken breast cut into small tikka size pieces. 2 tbs garlic paste

2tbs ginger paste

3 long green chillies, sliced thinly

Marinade all together and cover chicken with clingfilm, best to overnight, if not two to three hours. Remove at least one hour from fridge prior to cooking and allow chicken to get to room temperature, as its relaxed and will cook better allowing flavours to penetrate.

Paste One

Three medium sized onions, roughly cut and boil in a pan of water for about five to seven minutes. You will notice a slight smell of sulphur and the water will change colour. This will make the curry flavour very mild. The onions will be slightly opaque. Allow to cool and blend to a smooth paste, using a little water and keep aside.

Paste Two

200ml Coconut milk

Two tablespoons of white poppy seeds

50g unsalted plain cashew nuts

100ml warm or boiled water

Blend all the ingredients together to make a silky smooth paste.


Two three inch x about 10cm with Cassia bark sticks (cinnamon)

Three bay leaves

10 cloves

10 green cardamom, slightly bashed

5 black cardamom, remove seeds and use pestle and mortar to make a powder

Two table spoons of Ghee

Three tablespoon of Vegetable oil, possibly a few splashes part way through Two table spoons of tomato puree, from a tube.

One table spoon of Malden sea salt or to taste, can use normal table salt. One table spoon of Kashmiri Chilli Powder, can use Paprika


Heat Oil and Ghee, fry the cassia bark, bay leaves, cloves and green cardamoms for a minute or two. Add the onion (paste one) and stir in, followed by the tomato paste and Kashmiri chilli powder. Cook on a moderate heat with lid on and stirring occasionally, for about 5 -7 mins and then remove lid, until all the water evaporates and a slight oil build up is seen around the edge.

Add the marinade chicken, with any marinate and stir in well, turn the heat up slightly. Cook with lid on and heat back to moderate. This will take about 15-20 minutes. When all the chicken looks cooked add Paste two with coconut milk, stir and cook out. Initially with lid on for five minute and lid off until oil separates, you may need to add a splash of oil to encourage any moisture to evaporate. Finally add the sound black cardamom powder, stir in and cook for another few minutes and the korma is done. Its best served with plain basmati rice of saffron rice, for the added Royale touch.


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