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Shahi Daal By Shams Razzak

So in contrast to my last dish, I wanted to post something that represents the type of curries we usually eat at home.

Curries can be a part of healthy, flavoursome and balanced diet, if you know how...

I was in a restaurant in Kashmir last year and I had a lovely daal dish called ‘shahi daal’, it had bits of shredded chicken in it, since then I’ve recreated a few of my own versions and the family love it.

You can omit/replace chicken with paneer, soy or dry tofu, and make it vegetarian, you can also omit potatoes, if you’re following a low carb diet. I’ve decided to make a one pot dish which can also be eaten on its own.

RECIPE (6-8 servings)


500 gram Boneless chicken thighs (cut in small pieces)

300 gram lentils - I’ve used masoor daal

2 tblsp oil

100 gram Mangetout

2 potatoes quartered

1 onion finely chopped

1 tsp cumin seeds

1 tsp mustard seeds

1 bulb garlic finely chopped

1 tblsp ginger paste

1 tsp Curry Club basar (adjust to taste)

1 tsp Curry Club garam masala

1 tsp turmeric

1 tsp cumin powder

2 tsp deghie mirch

2 tsp Salt (adjust to taste)


1. Heat oil on medium heat, add cumin and mustard seeds, fry for 30 seconds, add onions, garlic and ginger, fry until translucent.

2. Add salt and fry spices, keep stirring until the oil separates, if starts to catch, add a splash of boiled water (to maintain temp),

3. Add chicken and fry for a few mins, add lentils, stir, cover and cook for five mins, check frequently and stir in order to avoid burning,

4. Add potatoes and 500ml hot water, cover and cook until lentils are soft, check seasoning,

5. Add mangetout in the last a few mins, garnish with fresh coriander (optional).


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