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Pakistani Chicken Karahi By Carlos Pepe

Pakistani Chicken Karhai

This recipe was kindly shared by one of our curry club family.

When I was 17 years old, I went to Pakistan. I was taken to a road side cafe, wooden chairs and tables. All they served was chicken curry and tandoori roti. Drinks were fanta, Pepsi, sprite or if you felt adventurous, cold water. You chose your chicken and everything was cooked fresh. I’ve never tasted such a delicious curry and for years I tried to emulate this and got close but never there. Today, I felt nostalgic and decided give it another go, still close but not there.


One whole chicken, skin off and cut into curry pieces. 1.5kg.

Rapeseed oil/ veg oil. About 6 - 8 tablespoons.

Two medium sized onions, finely chopped.

4 tablespoons of natural yogurt, I used Greek.

One 400g tin of chopped tomatoes.

Two tablespoons of garlic paste.

Tea spoon of salt or to taste.

Tablespoon of ground Corriander

Tablespoon of Ground Cumin

Teaspoon of methi/dried fenugreek leaves.

Half teaspoon of black pepper

One teaspoon of Kashmiri chilli powder

teaspoon of mild paprika (added red colour)

Two green chillies sliced (optional)

Small handful of fresh green corriander, chopped but not too finely.


1. Fry onions in oil, when they start to soften add a little water. You will need to do this two to three times, until onion is soft, golden and opaque. Add the garlic after the first water add.

2. Make a well and add all spices, with the exception of methi. Stir and add a little water, when incorporated start to add the tinned tomato. Stir in cover and simmer. Keep cooking until a marmalade consistency.

3. Add chicken, put heat up and fry for a few minutes.

4. Add yogurt stir in for few minutes and lower heat and cover. Curry will dry add a little water, stir and cover. You will need to stir every so often, be careful not to stir often.

5. Once the curry is dry, it shouldn’t stick. Add a little water, stir and add in chillies.

Cover and simmer on low heat.

5. Cook until sauce thickens and add methi. Cover for another five minutes.

6. Add chopped coriander, stir and take off heat.

7. The oil should be separated, curry will be a nice thick consistency and emulsified. Put lid on and make your chapatis.


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