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Nimbu Hari Mirch Ka Murgh By James Angus

Nimbu Hari Mirch Ka Murgh


Chicken, legs and thighs or diced chicken breast if you prefer it

5tbs ghee

Chopped tomatoes (you don’t have to use them but I like the good red colour you get with the ghee)

1 tsp methi

Lemon juice

Yellow curry powder (if you can’t find it, substitute coriander powder, turmeric, cumin powder and Kashmiri chilli powder)

Garam masala


Red and green chillies (half inch cut)


Malt vinegar

Lemon or lime pickle

Garlic and ginger paste


Double cream


Heat pan. Add ghee and garlic and ginger paste. Should be fragrant after about a minute. Add the chicken and all the spices. Put the lid on for twenty minty tea. The ghee will make a lovely gravy. Cook chicken curry though, add yoghurt and double cream and chillis. Add the pickle and malt vinegar and cover for another ten minutes. Add the methi and cook for another five minutes. Garnish with coriander and serve 😊


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