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Keema Pilau with Peas by Shabnam Khizer

Keema (mutton mince) pilau with peas

A family favourite using my mums recipe. Love the aroma this dish creates Tasted fabulous.


Olive oil (as required - I use a very small amount. My mum uses butter approx 70g or you can use mixture of butter and olive oil and alter amounts as required.)

500g keema mutton or lamb (same recipe can be used for one chicken cut up)

2 medium onions sliced

7-8 cloves garlic crushed

1 -2 inch ginger pieces (keep long and chunky)

2 fresh tomatoes chopped

Frozen peas about 3 cups or as desired. (Optional).

2.5 cups rice washed throughly until water runs clear and left to soak in cold water. Rice must be measured accurately. Use same cup to measure

3.75 cups boiling water (water is 1.5 X rice quantity, so eg if using 2 cups rice then add 3 cups water)

Dry spices set 1:

4-5 bay leaves

3 black cardomoms

3-4 cloves

Cinnamon sticks

1 tsp Black seeds/nigella seeds

1 tsp cumin seeds

Salt (approx 1/2 tablespoon but may need more)

Dry spices set 2:

4 tsp garam masala

1 tsp ground black pepper

1 tsp ground cumin

1 tsp ground corriander (optional)

1 tsp mixed basaar (or if you don’t have basaar then can use 2 green chillis slit lengthways or half tsp chilli powder) just adds heat to dish.


Pre soak rice as above.

Preheat oven to 140’C.

Use a deep pan, Fry onion in oil (add drops of water throughout to avoid onions over sticking)

Add dry spices set 1.

When onion turns brown add garlic, ginger and tomatoes. Cook for 2 mins.

Add keema. Mix for 2 - 3 mins.

Add dry spices set 2.

Keep mixing until keema cooked. Takes about 10 -20 mins depending on heat source.

Add the boiling water measured as above. Allow to boil in pan. “Drain the rice well” - this is important, as excess water will over cook the rice. add the rice to the pan. Stir altogether. Heat needs to be high.

TASTE the broth at this stage - it should taste salty and spicy. Add more salt and garam masala if needed. Note The flavours will mellow once rice absorbs the water so take this into account.

Add peas. Mix.

Once water starts to dry, turn heat off. Cover pan with tight lid and place in preheated oven for 30 mins at 140’C.

Hope you enjoy 😋

Ps message me if you need clarification as it’s not the easiest of recipes to follow 😊


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