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Homemade Ghee By Shams Razzak

Home made Ghee

My first try and I did make an error lol

Here’s how I made it.

500gram butter (unsalted) at room temp

Heavy bottom pan (not to big)

Clean spatula/spoon

1. Melt butter on medium heat, stir gently to avoid burning.

2. Once butter melted, turn it down to low, just enough for the liquid to bubble away.

3. Stir every 5 minutes to avoid burning

4. Boil until all the milk solids and foam

disappear from the top (approx. 20mins), there should be milk solids at the bottom of the pan.

5. Do not leave the pot at any point during the process, it can boil over and/or burn.

6. Rest and cool, store in a glass jar.

The aroma is very subtle, unlike the commercial brands.


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