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Dhal Curry With Spinach By Sharmonth Jayasinghe

Dhal Curry with Spinach


150g Mysoor dhal ( Red split lentils)

1 small onion sliced

2 green chillies sliced

1 bag of Spinach washed

2 garlic cloves sliced

1 tsp fenugreek seeds

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp cumin powder

1/3-1/2 tsp turmeric

1 tomato sliced


1) Wash the dhal well in several runs of cold water till the water drains clear.

2) Put the dhal into a deep medium sized saucepan with enough water to come 1-2 inches above the level of the dhal.

Add the salt, turmeric, cumin powder, fenugreek seeds, onion, green chilli and tomato, stir well close lid and let it cook on a medium flame for about 10mins.

3) After 10 mins, check if the dhal is cooked. If cooked, the grains would be bright yellow and very soft and the water level would have reduced to the level of the dhal.

Leave it for a couple of minutes longer if required.

4,) Now add the washed fresh spinach, stir the pan well, close lid and cook for just another 1 or 2 mins longer maximum, then turn off fire completely.

The spinach will cook super fast in the residual heat and most of the nutrients should therefore remain intact with minimum cooking.

(This dish doesn't require the use of oil or coconut milk either and is very healthy high in protein and iron from the Spinach. But you can add them if you want.)


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