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Crayfish Curry By Visha Ashikumar

Crayfish Curry

1 kg crayfish tails cleaned free of the shell and veins wash n leave to drain of excess water

Blanch 3 large tomatoes in boiling water

Add to your pot

Quarter cup oil

1 tsp seagood n veg masala

1 tsp methi masala

1 tbs crushed ginger n garlic

1 tbs fish and prawn paste

1 tbs all purpose curry paste

Allow to fry for abt 3 minutes

Then add the crayfish

Allow to fry for about 10 minutes

Remove the crayfish

Then add a little more oil to the same pot

Add 1 onion finely chopped

8 green chillies sliced

1 stem curry leaves

1 tbs crushed ginger n garlic

1 tbs all purpose masala

1 tbs fish n prawn paste

Pinch of black mustard seeds and whole jeera seeds

Allow to cook till onions are soft

Whilst onions are in saute mode

Remove tomato peels n finely chop

Then add to the onions

Add salt to taste

Add a sprinkle of sugar

1 tsp of concentrated tamarind

Half cup water

Leave to cook till curry gets thick say for abt 15 minutes then add the crayfish tails

Turn the heat down and allow to simmer for a further 10 minutes

Turn the heat down to 1

Allow the oil to come up

Garnis with fresh coriander

Serve with savoury rice roti bread of your choice

Note that i did not add any dry masalas


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