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Coriander Lime Chicken By Shai Ayoub

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Coriander Lime Chicken

This recipe is really made using the eye so whilst I have listed quantities please free to use ingredients such as lime juice , chillies , fresh ginger as to your own preference as there really isn’t a set quantity.


1 cup Vegetable oil

2 Onions finely sliced

1 to 2 Ginger garlic paste

4-6 green chillies

1 green pepper diced

2 handfuls fresh coriander and some for garnish

1 medium chicken

1/2 cup plain yoghurt approx 5-6 tbsp

1 tbsp crushed coriander seeds

1 tsp crushed cumin seeds

1 tsp crushed black pepper

1 tsp crushed chilli flakes

1 tsp cumin powder

1 tsp Garam masala

1 tsp salt

2 dried red chillies

1 tsp kasuri methi

Juice of 1/2 a lime and 1 tbsp

2 tsp ginger cut Julienne and some for garnish


1. Heat the oil in a utensil.

2. Add the chopped onion, ginger garlic paste and 2 chopped chillies. Let cook for approx 10 minutes or so until translucent.

3. While the onions are frying blend the green ingredients or chop very finely (take two large handfuls fresh coriander 2 green chillies and 1 green pepper cut in chunks add one cup water and blend set aside).

4. Add the chicken to the onions and let brown.

5. Once the colour changes reduce the heat to low and add approximately 6 tbsp plain yoghurt but add it 1 tbsp at time stirring each time and ensuring chicken is coated well.

6. Once all 4 tbsp have been added cook for approximately 5 minutes add the crushed coriander powder, crushed cumin seeds, black pepper, crushed chilli flakes, cumin powder, Garam masala and salt and dried red chillies. stir a few minutes.

7. Take the green mixture give it a stir and add to the dish.

8. Add the kasuri Methi mix and mix well.

9. Add the juice of half a lime

10. Add 1 tsp ginger and 1 to 2 green chillies sliced without the seeds or use whole or even bullet chillies and a small handful fresh coriander and mix well and cook covered 20 minutes.

11. Garnish with the remaining ginger ginger, fresh coriander, whole green chillies and a further tbsp of lime continue to simmer 5 minutes until the oil rises to the top.

Serve with roti


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