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Chicken Drumsticks in Fennel Seeds by Shai Ayoub

Chicken Drumsticks in Fennel Seeds

Step 1

Marinade the chicken drumsticks in the following ingredients:

5 large chicken drumsticks (If small use more)

1/2 juice of lime and throw the squeezed wedges in the marinade

1 teaspoon turmeric powder

1 tablespoon red chili powder

1 teaspoon salt

3 tablespoon thick yogurt

1 tbsp oil

Marinade the drumsticks from 30 minutes or more preferably overnight

To make the Masala:


4 to 6 tablespoon oil / half cup sunflower cooking oil

1 tsp Paanch Phoran

1 teaspoon cumin seeds/jeera

1 tablespoon saunf/ fennel seeds

2 small green cardamom

2 cloves

2 inch stick cinnamon

about 5 to 8 peppercorns

1 bay leaf

2 to 3 chopped onions dependant on how much gravy you want

1 tbsp ginger garlic paste

200 ml tomato passata

2 to 3 potatoes, peeled and divided into 4 each

2 tsp Kashmiri Red Chili Powder

1 tsp turmeric powder

1 tablespoon TCCHC coriander powder

1 tsp fennel seeds crushed to a powder

2 to 4 green chillies or to taste (optional)

Water - enough to cover the drumsticks

Salt to taste

1/2 tsp TCCHC Garam masala

lemon/like juice and fresh coriander/ fresh mint leaves


Heat the oil in a deep utensil

Add the paanch poran, fennel seeds, cumin seeds, peppercorn, bay leaf, clove, cinnamon and cardamom.

When they sizzle add the chopped onions.

Cook the onions slowly while very frequently stirring until they start turning golden brown.approximately 10 to 15 minutes do not burn the onions

Add the ginger garlic paste

Add the red Kashmiri chilli powder, turmeric, salt.

Add the tomato passata

Once the masala has cooked 5 minutes add the chicken with the marinade.

Cook the chicken pieces on all sides until light brown to seal in the flavor. Cook 5 - 7 minutes.

Add the potatoes. Stir.

Add the coriander powder and 1 tsp crushed fennel powder the coarse cumin and fennel powder and stir a couple of minutes.

Add water to drumstick level so that it just covers. Cover and cook on moderate heat 20 minutes or so.

Once you see the the oil separating from the sides of the pan and kind of rising up in bubbles on the top, you will know it is done.

Add some green chillies and a squeeze of lime / lemon juice. Sprinkle the garam a masala. Garnish with fresh coriander or fresh mint leaves.

Keep the chicken curry covered until just ready to serve.

Serve with Rice or Naan


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