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Chicken & Aloo Matar Pilau By Aurangzab Younis

Recipe for Chicken & Aloo Matar Pilau


3 cups of rice washed and soaked for 30 mins

4 and half cups of water (use same measuring cup for both rice and water)

500g Chicken Breast Cubes

1 and half cups of green peas

2 Medium Potatoes cut into large chunks

1 large sliced onion

2 tablespoon of crushed ginger

1 inch of cinnamon stick

2 black cardamoms

4 cloves

5 to 7 black pepper corns

1 tbsp corriander seeds

1 tbsp cumin seeds

1 tbsp chilli flakes

1/2 tbsp garam masala

2 Bay leaves

Salt to taste

Oil approx 3/4 cups


In a pan/handi add oil and fry onions till a golden brown colour. (The darker the onions at this stage the darker the pilau rice will be, so brown onions to desired colour). Once onions are a nice golden brown colour add a few drops of water and stir to release the color of the sauted onions out, add the crushed ginger and cook for 2 to 3 mins.

Add Chicken cubes and saute for about 5 mins till Chicken is also golden brown. Add whole garam masala, salt, chilli flakes and potatoes and saute for a further 5 to 7 mins. Add a dash of water to ensure spices do not burn. Once potatoes and chicken have sauted well add the measured water cover and bring to a boil.

Once boiled add garam masala and green peas. Drain the soaked rice and add to the water and stir slowly ensuring grains dont break.

Bring to another boil and let simmer till water has evaporated but not totally dried out.

Cover the lid of pan with tin foil or a tea towel and cover the dish and let rice steam for about 10 mins on a low flame. This is the dum stage of the pilau.

After 10 mins turn gas off and remove the lid. Stir or fluff rice slowly and serve with a raita or curry of choice.


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