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Chana Aloo Achaari Chicken By John Blackburn


  • Chef’s spoon oil

  • 1 blended onion + 1 finely sliced onion

  • Tbsp garlic & ginger paste

  • 2 Tbsp 100% tomato puree

  • Tsp paunch pooran dry fried then roughly ground

  •  1/2 tsp ground green cardomons

  •  Tsp kashmiri chilli powder or dried ground Kashmiri chillies

  •  Tbsp fresh ground coriander

  •  Tsp fresh ground cumin

  •  Tsp garam masala

  •  Tsp chilli powder (or to suit taste)

  •  Tbsp Tumeric

  •  Tsp CCHC Basar Mix

  •  1 Bullet Chilli

  •  Tsp salt

  •  Tbsp coarse ground black pepper

  •  2 green cardamon

  •  Good handful of fresh chopped coriander

  •  Tsp Tamarind Concentrate

  •  Juice of 1 Lime

  •  Tsp Mango Chutney (to sweeten if req)

  •  1 knorr chicken stock cube in approx. 200ml hot water

  •  Tbsp yoghurt

  •  2 chicken breasts.

  •  Handful small salad potatoes

  •  Tin chick peas (rinse thoroughly)

  • Method

  • Heat oil medium, add crushed paunch pooran (pre-roasted) and kashmiri chilli, cook for a few minutes then add cardamons, cook for 5 mins.

  • Add both onions, cook down for 15/20 mins on med/low until soft and golden then, on med/high add Tbsp garlic & ginger, cook out the sizzle then add tomato puree, stir through with a bit of stock and cook out for 2 mins. Now add ground coriander, cumin, tumeric, salt, pepper & chilli powder, stir through mixing well and cook for 5-10 mins, adding a little more stock if necessary to stop spices burning

  • Add chicken, stir through coating & sealing the chicken on medium high heat then add yoghurt, stir & cook for 5 mins then add the chicken stock and stir through. Now add bullet chilli, mix well then add hot stock, stir thoroughly, add potatoes, chick peas, tamarind & lime juice, reduce heat to low/medium, place lid on pan and let simmer for 30 mins, stirring occasionally.

  • Next add garam masala & chopped corriander, stir through, replace the lid and simmer for a further 5-10 mins.

  • Remove lid and the oil should be nicely separated, serve & garnish with fresh chopped coriander. Enjoy.!!


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