Slow CookedLeg Of Lamb With Potato By Abdul Sadek

Slow cooked leg of lamb with potatoes.


Oil (whichever you like)

Whole Spices:

1 black cardamom

4 green cardamoms

4 cloves

2 large onions - sliced

2 chopped cloves of garlic (or as much as you wish)

4 chopped tomatoes (tinned or fresh)

Ground Spices:

1 tsp of tumeric powder

2 tsp of cumin powder

4 tsp coriander powder

0.5 tsp of paprika

0.5 tsp of cayenne pepper

Salt to taste

Lamb (on the bone)

3-4 medium potatoes chopped in half

Half a cup of red lentils

Coriander leaf


1. Heat the oil until warmed.

2. Add the whole spices and wait for 30 seconds on a medium heat.

3. Add the onions and on a low-medium heat wait until they start browning. Keep stirring from time to time to ensure they don’t burn.

4. Once the onions are browned add the ground spices and salt along with a splash of water to make a paste. Leave on a low heat for 10 minutes and stir.

5. Turn the heat up high and add the meat. Stir and put the lid on.

6. After 3-4 minutes turn the heat to medium and keep stiring for 10 minutes.

7. Add enough water to cover the meat and bring to the boil, then turn the heat to medium.

8. Add the lentils. Cook on medium for 20 mins then turn the heat to low-medium and simmer for 1 hour.

9. Add the potatoes and tomatoes, then simmer for a further hour on low.

10. Keep stiring from time to time.

11. Once finished sprinkle the chopped coriander leaf. Mix in and serve with rice or bread.


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