Pilau Rice By Greg Crawford

Pilau Rice

For years I’ve really struggled with making rice, At last I have found the way that works perfectly for me.....

Beautiful light fluffy pilau rice.


1 tbsp of oil

1 bay leaf

1 inch Cinnamon

2 cloves

2 green cardamom pods

½ tsp cumin seed

70g basmati rice per person

Plenty boiling water

Large pot with a lid


1. Wash & Soak your rice in lukewarm water for 1 hr.

2. Drain.

3. Heat oil in pot and add your dry spices fry gently for 2 minutes

4. Add rice and mix together well

5. Boil kettle and pour into pot with rice.

6. Use loads of boiling water (we are not bothering with absorption malarkey).

7. Place lid on pot, bring to boil and simmer for 4 min.

8. Turn off heat

8. Drain

10. Gently fork rice up with a fork

Put lid on pot

Leave rice covered for 3 min.


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