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Lamb Cutlet Curry By Anthony Dumble

Lamb cutlet curry


Lamb chops/cutlets (10 Cutlet)

Two chopped onions

Four chopped tomatoes

One tin chopped tomato

Handful chopped spring onions

Six garlic cloves Finley chopped

An inch fresh ginger chopped

Teaspoon fenugreek leaves

Some chopped coriander for garnish

Chopped fresh thyme

Two chicken oxo cubes

Teaspoon cumin powder

Teaspoon gram masala powder

Teaspoon coriander powder

Two teaspoon mild madras powder

Teaspoon Kashmiri chilli powder

Salt and pepper too taste


Fry the onions till brown and garlic and ginger cook for a couple minutes

Then I added the chicken oxo cubes and all the spices too a jug and add half of a cup hot water mix to a paste then add to the pan cook for a few minutes then and the chopped tomatoes and tin chopped tomatoes and spring onions cook for about 20 minutes I speed things up and use a blender

Then simply add the lamb simmer for 40 minutes keeping checking you may need to add a little water garnish with chopped coriander


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