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Kerala Style Hot Lamb Curry

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Kerala Style Hot Lamb Curry

Hot Lamb Curry Kerala Style not for the milder taste buds !!!

There are a few stages to this recipe.


1kg Lamb or Mutton I used Lamb Shoulder

(If pre boiling lamb add:

4 chopped garlic cloves

1 tbsp salt

Cover with boiling water )

Spice Mix to dry roast:

15 to 20 Whole red chilli I used 15 dry red chillies

A handful whole coriander seeds

8 Cloves

1 to 2 piece cinnamon stick

15 black pepper

1/2 cumin seeds

1 tsp fennel seeds

3 cardamoms

Add 1/2 tsp turmeric powder to the above once roasted

Ingredients to marinade meat

The Lamb

1 piece Ginger, finely sliced

10 curry leaves


Above spice mix

Ingredients to add lamb mix when transferred to pan

3 to 4 cups lamb stock

1 tsp red chilli powder

1/4 coconut cream

Onion base

2 Onions

2 garlic cloves sliced

2 small tomatoes chopped


Salt - to taste at all stages


1. If boiling lamb then:

Boil 1 kg lamb or mutton with 4 chopped garlic cloves and salt

2. Dry roast the spices and once brown pour over the turmeric powder

3. Grind the dry spice mix in a spice grinder / blender

4. Remove from grinder / blender and transfer to a pestle and mortar and crush

5. Drain the lamb and keep the stock

6. Mix together well the meat,masala (spice mix),ginger,salt,curry leaves in a bowl ensure the lamb is well coated with the mix

7. Transfer the lamb mix in a deep pan add the chilli powder, 1/4 coconut cream and approx 3 to 4 cups stock

8. Cover on medium heat and cook approximately 30 to 40 minutes until the water has evaporated

9. In a separate pan heat oil 2 to 4 tbsp or so

10. Dice 2 onions. Add the onions to the oil and fry. Add 2 finely sliced garlic cloves to onion. When almost light brown chop 2 small tomatoes finely and add to the onion and garlic and sprinkle some salt to this base and continue to fry until golden brown.

11. Back to the lamb while the onion is frying:

Half way through check the lamb and add more salt if required you also add 2 more cardamoms in at this stage (optional)

12. Increase the heat if required and keep stirring so it doesn't stick

13. Once dried ( you can leave a little thick gravy base if you prefer) transfer the lamb to the onion mix.

14. Add 1 to 2 small cup lamb stock dependant on how much gravy you want and bring to boil then simmer approx 20 minutes I added 2 cups.

Enjoy with either cumin seeds fried rice or coconut rice and/or naan


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