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Keema Aloo Peas By Abdul Sadek

Keema Aloo Peas

500g mince lamb

1tsp chilli powder

2tsp tumeric

3tsp cumin powder.

2tsp coriander powder.

2tsp garam massala.

1 bay leaf

4 cloves.

4 cardamom pods lightly crushed.

Cinnamon stick.

6 peppercorns.

1 chopped chilli

2 onions

1tbsp garlic ginger paste

2 large potatoes cut into small cubes.

3 large tomatoes chopped.

Cup of frozen peas.


Heat some oil in a pan and add the whole spices.

Slice the onions and brown on a medium heat in oil, along with the garlic & ginger.

When the onions are browned add the powdered spices with a splash of water.

Add the tomatoes.

Continue to cook out the spices until the oil separates from the mixture.

Add the meat. Stir and brown on a high heat. Keep stirring.

Add the chopped chilli.

After 10 mins. Add the potatoes and turn the heat to medium. Cook for a further 10 mins until the meat releases its own moisture.

Add enough water to only just cover everything.

Bring to a boil then simmer for 30 mins. Stir occasionally.

Add salt to taste. Add the peas. Heat for a further 5 mins.

Sprinkle with fresh coriander and serve with rice or bread.


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