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Mushroom Masala By Shai Ayoub

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Mushroom Masala

So here I am using up leftovers in the fridge as I hate waste. Not a curry I cook often but I do enjoy it when I do and ended up having seconds. I took inspiration from a you tube video but added a few spices and slightly changed the quantities and method to adapt the flavour to my liking. I have written my version of the recipe but also posted the link to the video.

Mushroom Masala


1/2 a cup of vegetable oil

1 cinnamon sticks

2 green cardamoms

1 tsp cumin seeds

1 to 2 onions sliced

1 tbsp ginger garlic paste

1 tsp chilli powder ,

1 to 2 tsp Kashmiri chilli powder

1/2 tsp turmeric

1 tbsp crushed coriander seeds

1 tsp crushed fennel seeds

100ml tomato passata

closed cup mushrooms sliced

1/2 to a cup water

Optional Handful crushed cashews

1 tsp kasuri methi

salt and pepper seasoning

1 tsp Garam masala


1. Heat the vegetable oil in the pan.

2. Add the cinnamon stick, green cardamoms and cumin seeds let sizzle.

3. Fry onion until lightly golden you could use 2 if you wanted more masala.

4. Add ginger garlic paste and cook 2 minutes.

5. Add chilli powder , Kashmiri chilli, powder, turmeric, crushed coriander seeds, crushed fennel seeds, and stir 30 seconds.

6. Add tomato passata and stir until oil leaves the sides.

7. Add the chopped mushrooms.

8. Stir well coating the mushrooms.

8. Add 1/2 to 1 cup water and stir bringing to boil.

8. Crush a handful of cashew nuts to a powder and add to the dish stirring well.

9. Add kasuri Methi rubbing in the palms of your hands.

10. Season with salt and crushed black pepper.

11. Cover and cook 15 minutes on moderate heat stirring once in between.

12. Once water almost evaporated add 1/2 cup water and let simmer another 15 minutes stirring once in between.

13. Add 1 tsp Garam masala stir and cover 5 minutes.

14. Adjust seasoning if required

15. Eat with chappatis


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